C R H P  "Welcome Weekend"

Do You Feel like something is Missing in your Life?

"WELCOME" might be right for you.  "WELCOME" is an incredible experience that helps you discover what's missing in your life and what to do about it.  The whole process focuses on providing the tools and opportunities to find clarity and purpose, to form meaningful relationships, to gain a fresh perspective on your life and spiritual relationship with the Lord.  Providing a roadmap to become a better version of yourself.  

Saint Joseph Parish invites men and women of the parish to experience the Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP) program by attending the "Welcome" Weekend.  "Welcome" is a weekend of spiritual renewal designed to help individuals grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and with others in their faith community. It is an excellent opportunity for parishioners to spend some time reflecting on their Catholic faith in a very casual, comfortable atmosphere.  

This two-day retreat is held on separate weekends for men and women every March.  Parishioners share with one another the ways they have found meaning, hope, peace, and love in their lives. We serve some great food and we have many laughs along the way. The experience is personal, inspirational, and fulfilling. Many participants feel that the weekend experience has been among the most powerful and positive of their lives. The atmosphere is casual and you will begin friendships that can last a lifetime.


Don’t miss this opportunity to connect to other vibrant men and women in your parish community. We provide accommodations. You provide the spirit. Feel free to contact one of the invitation Leaders listed below to find out more about this incredible opportunity. 

CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) Men’s Retreat
MARCH 14-15, 2020
Brandon Kulka   (419) 345-4916

CRHP (Christ Renews His Parish) Women's Retreat
FEB 29-MAR 1, 2020
Contact:  Joanne Sherman   (419) 779-7589

It is never too soon to start thinking about CRHP for 2021.  If you would like to be a part of next year's Welcome/Christ Renews His Parish weekend, contact Joanne Denyer at the Parish Office (419) 885-5791.