Automated Giving

What is Automated Giving?

A paperless, electronic transaction that goes through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) and transfers money from one bank to another.

What is an Automated Giver?

A parishioner, who through prayer and reflection, chooses an automated way to exercise good financial stewardship by having his/her regular weekly offering electronically delivered to the parish.

Why Automated Giving?

One of the principles of good financial stewardship involves planning the gifts that are to be shared. Automated Giving gives our parishioners a way to enact their financial stewardship plan each year.


  • For those who embrace stewardship as a way of life, Automated Giving for the Sunday collections provides an opportunity to keep the Church a priority when it comes to sharing financial gifts (i.e. the Offertory).
  • The more people that use Automated Giving, the more reliable a parish's revenue stream will be from the weekly Offertory.
  • Automated Giving is significantly more secure than cash gifts.
  • As more parishioners opt for Automated Giving, data entry by parishes for the regular collections will be less time consuming and the cost for envelope mailings will decrease.
  • Not everyone attends Mass each week (for a variety of reasons), so Automated Giving ensures that the parish regularly receives the intended gift as planned by the parishioner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of automated giving?
Automated giving will allow you to prioritize your giving within your budget.  It will save you time, there is no need to search for your envelopes or your checkbook.  You also help the Parish stabilize its budget.
Will I still receive my collection/sacrificial giving envelopes?
You will no longer receive the weekly collection envelopes.  However, the monthly and special charitable contribution envelopes will continue to be sent to you every few months. 

When will my contribution be deducted from my account?
On the date that you select (weekly on Mondays; semi-monthly on the first and the fifteenth; or monthly on the first or the fifteenth).  
Without a canceled check, how can I prove I made my contribution?
Saint Joseph Church will include your automated gifts on your annual contribution statement and your bank statement will also give you an itemized list of electronic transfers.
Is automated (electronic) giving risky?
Electronic giving is less risky than check contribution.  It cannot be lost, stolen, or destroyed.  It has an extremely high rate of accuracy.
How much does automated giving cost?
It cost you nothing and it saves you time.



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“Giving back to our parish with our treasure is as important as our time and talent.  Saint Joe's makes it so easy by offering automatic withdrawal!  You just choose when and how much and they do the rest!  No more last minute searches for envelopes and checks before Mass.  Plus if we're out of town we can still give back to our parish that gives so much to us!!”

Clint and Amy Campbell