Faith In Action

March 2019

Mar 18

Holy Sundays?

Faith Focus for the Week When do I make time to rest in God?  Keeping the Lord’s Day holy is a commandment as ancient as Moses on Mount Sinai. Now as then, people of faith sometimes struggle to embrace the gift of Sabbath rest, to make their Sunday’s holy through what they do as well as what they don’t do. To sanctify your...
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Mar 11

May Christ bless you

Faith Focus for the Week How is my personal prayer life helping me know and love Christ better? Personal prayer is an essential practice in the life of Catholic. Personal prayer is one way of remembering that we are never alone if we are baptized into Christ’s family. Personal prayer helps up give up on the false idea that everything...
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Mar 4

Good Intentions

Faith Focus for the Week Is there somewhere I have been thinking about giving of myself, but haven’t acted on yet? What gets in the way of acting on my good intentions? Living Catholic discipleship goes hand in hand with the prayer, fasting and almsgiving called for during this holy season. The Sacrament of Reconciliation remains part and...
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Faith In Action

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