Faith In Action

June 2018

Jun 18

Loving Service

Faith Focus for the Week How is my stewardship a work of faith, labor of love, endurance in hope? “That is a real labor of love.” Hearing that statement likely brings to mind the actions of someone you know: dedication of time to a special ministry or charitable organization; a craft or art given to loved ones, the parish, or a...
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Jun 11

Drawing strength

Faith Focus for the Week How do I draw on the Body of Christ to strengthen me in living out faith each day? What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “the Body of Christ”? Is it the Eucharistic species, the consecrated bread? Is it the People of God? Both? St. Paul talked about the Body of Christ as a way to express the reality of...
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Jun 4

Real Listening

Faith Focus for the Week What have I learned (or might I learn) from the Mystery of Most Holy Trinity – One God in three divine persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit — about rooting relationships in love and self-giving? In our world of virtual technology, it is increasingly important to keep relationships real. This means fostering...
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Faith In Action

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