CYO Team Selection Process

The St. Joseph, Sylvania Parish Athletic Board has adopted the following process for the selection of athletic teams. The process is designed to provide a fair opportunity for all athletes and coaches. Please keep in mind that all athletes who try out for a team at a St. Joseph's Parish team will have the opportunity to play on a team.

Non-stratified teams, that is, teams that are not placed in leagues based on talent or ability will be selected by the coaches on a one selection at a time basis. For example, if three coaches are selecting baseball teams, coach A will select the first player, coach B will select a player second, and coach C will select a player third. Coach A will then select the fourth player, and so on. Selections will be based on attempting to establish relatively equal teams. Car pooling and coaching with friends will be a secondary basis for selection of athletes on teams.

Stratified teams, that is, teams that are placed in leagues based on talent or ability, will be selected by a committee. This committee will include the athletic director, the coordinator for that particular sport, and occasionally a consultant, or a team of consultants (sport experienced non-St. Joseph, Sylvania coach). Sports involved include volleyball (6 th-8th grade), basketball (7th and 8th grade), and baseball (5th and 6th, 7th and 8th grades). The committee will select teams based on coach's previous season recommendation and player evaluation performance. Final team selection will be up to the discretion of the athletic director. Coaches will then be assigned to coach a team by the athletic director based upon the best situation.