Spiritual Wellness

Anointing Mass

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Someone (419) 882-1688            Someone  (419) 885-5791

Bereavement Support Group

The Bereavement Ministry Team consists of trained facilitators who are available to offer support to bereaved members of our parish.  We are affiliated with an ecumenical support group that meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. at Christ The King Church, Toledo.  Our team has also started a Bereavement Outreach Program in which we provide emotional support and resource materials to help family members of deceased parishioners. 

Ed Ruszkiewicz  (419) 882-1688            Laurie Neary  (419) 885-5791

Comfort Blanket

The Comfort Blanket Ministry involves making blankets (43"x 43") by sewing twenty-five 9" decorated squares of fabric. Some of the squares have messages of hope and encouragement. The blankets are given to people who are having a difficult time in their lives due to illness, death, divorce, job loss, etc. The group meets once a month on the third Wednesday at 6:30 pm. Watch the bulletin for meeting times. Please come and be a part of this wonderful caring ministry.

Denise Stump -  (419) 865-7780

Laurie Neary - (419) 885-5791 


Deb’s Ministry of Prayer and Hope

If you are an adult and have ever been diagnosed or are caring for someone with cancer you are invited to attend.  The goal for this group is to share prayer and spiritual resources to offer support to those experiencing cancer.  The group meets the first Thursday of the month in the evening.  The group is led by St. Joseph parishioners and cancer survivors. 

Sue Cutshall (419) 882-4183                Laurie Neary (419) 885-5791

Divorced and Separated Support Group

We offer a ten week program that has been created to help those who are divorced or separated work through and deal with the different stages of grief, anger and forgiveness in their lives.  We offer two programs every year, beginning in February and October.  The program addresses itself to the whole person by a blending of study, reflection, communicating and socializing.  Also included are periodic activities and diocesan functions.  Consult the bulletin for times and meeting room.

Mike Reiser  (419) 913-9766

Ministry to the Sick and Infirm

A Priest from St. Joseph will be happy to visit any of our parishioners, who are patients in area hospitals or nursing homes. However, hospitals do not routinely notify the parish of parishioners admitted. Please notify the parish office if you or a family member is hospitalized. If you are anticipating a surgery, the Sacrament of the Sick can be received before you enter the hospital; please call one of the priests to schedule that sacramental experience. Our Eucharistic Ministers visit Catholic patients at Flower Hospital and the extended care and nursing care facilities in the area bringing Holy Communion several times weekly. They minister Communion to shutins by individual arrangement. A listing of our parishioners who are ill and in need of our prayers will be printed in the bulletin. To request someone's name to be listed, please fill out the card located by the suggestion box in the back of church. The completed card may be put in the suggestion box or dropped off at the Parish Center. 

Parish Center  (419) 885-5791

Our Children Remembered

Our Children Remembered is an Ecumenical Bereavement Support Group for parents who have been separated from their children by death. This group is open to all parents regardless of the circumstances of the death of their child. It is our goal and mission to provide an open and non-threatening Christian environment for parents in which they can begin the healing process. We strive to provide initial support to the newly bereaved, as well as ongoing support to those further along the bereavement path. We show the love of God through loving and caring friends who have placed their trust in God.

Paul & Barbara White (419) 882-2676


The Retrouvaille (retro'-vie) Program has developed within the Catholic Church as an attempt to provide help for married couples with troubled marriages. The program is designed to help couples improve communication, re-establish trust and rebuild a stable relationship. The program is offered to both Catholics and non-Catholics. Three married couples and a priest present a weekend. Follow-up sessions are included in the program. Videos or brochures are available. Visit the website at www.HelpOurMarriage.com

For information 1 (800) 470-2230



Services Provided:


  • Anointing of The Sick Mass (Fall)

  • All Souls Day Liturgy

  • Memorial For The Unborn

  • Respect Life Day of Reflection