CYO Off Season Gym Policy

With the proliferation of year round sport, many parishioners have requested use of the gym for sports during the off-season. In an attempt to provide opportunities for use of the gym, but to also keep sports in perspective, the following policies will be adopted for St. Joseph, Sylvania athletics:

1) Priority for use of the gym will always be given to the sport in season. Volleyball will have precedence in the fall Football and cross-country will have use of the gym on an as needed basis in the fall. Basketball will have use of the gym and wrestling will have use of the banquet hall during the winter. Baseball and track will have use of the gym in the spring as needed.

2) In an attempt to provide parishioners with use of the gym during the off-season, the following arrangement has been established. An "Open Gym" format will be established that will allow any junior high school parishioner to practice his/her skills in a supervised, but informal setting. That is, athletes will be allowed to play games and receive instruction, but not allowed to be coached with game strategy (that is, the running of specific plays and substitution patterns). Athletes on off-season teams can practice their skills by playing games and practicing individual skills with this format, but they will not allowed to practice as a set team. It is hoped this format will allow the athletes the opportunity to practice their skills and improve, but not to discourage lower skilled athletes from dropping out of their sport. Coaches supervising the gym during these open gyms will be CYO certified coaches.

3) Parishioners that want to use the gym during the off-season for specific team practices, may do so under the following conditions:

a. Coaches must be fingerprinted and certified through a CYO coach's certification program.

b. Coach's need to provide a $1,000,000 insurance policy that names the Bishop of Toledo, the Diocese of Toledo, and St. Joseph Parish as beneficiaries to the policy.

c. A fee may be paid for use of the gym.

d. The team will be comprised of at least 50% St. Joseph's parishioners.